Welcome to the vertically challenged girl!

Hello and welcome! Firstly, yes I am 4'8 LOL. My name is Ollie Zikhali and I have always wanted a space where I can find people that I can always relate with and be myself...fully! So after years of searching I decided to create one for everyone like me ( a person who is called… Continue reading Welcome to the vertically challenged girl!

Enjoying Christmas Alone

This year has been really tough and we had to spend a lot of time alone apart from our families because of the lockdown. We had hoped since March that by Christmas everything will be back to normal but it seems like we’re still going to go through tough times before the light at the… Continue reading Enjoying Christmas Alone

5 tips to create a positive week!

It’s Monday!! Yes, I know who’s excited about Mondays right. Lol. I mean back to work and the difficult bosses and tons of work to do already and it’s not even 10am yet. Sigh! How draining..I know right. But how about you look at Mondays as a new start. A fresh start on that healthy… Continue reading 5 tips to create a positive week!